Syna is a platform that helps people access their medical records from wherever they are

︎ You often need your medical records when you least expect it. Wether it’s being in an accident in a different country, or needing to see a dentist in a different city

Client: Syna

Platform: Desktop

February-April 2018

Role(s): UX Designer, Information Architect, Visual Designer

Methods: Sketching/Wireframes, A/B Testing

Sketch, Pen and Paper, Invision, Zeplin


︎ Understanding the Challenges

︎ Ideate, Sketch & Design

︎ Test & Iterate

︎ Build & Deliver


As this platform can potentially contain medical histories that are complicated, confusing and long, the information architecture needs to be simple and clean, and each element needs to be as easy to search as possible as you would need it to be in an emergency.
In order to understand the hierarchy of information, we decided to focus on the 3 most important screens: Lab Results, Imaging (X-Rays, MRIs etc...) and Hospital Visits.


Methods & Tools
Sketching, Whiteboard, Prioritization Matrix, Site Maps


  • Create an intuitive dashboard to make the navigation as seamless as possible

  • Find a way to clarify the data received by hospitals and doctors

  • Develop a practical information architecture throughout the solution

  • Create a UI and iconography that is both delightful and functional