︎ About me ︎

Hello there,

I’m Jenna, a Franco-American Product Designer now based in Marseille. I spent over a decade working in tech in the US and moved back to the south of France in 2024.

I’ve stretched between improbable places and industries. I’m not sure how this path has impacted me most, but I do know why I’ve looked for those weirdly diverse experiences: I’m curious. Venturing into new places and having to figure stuff out from scratch has deepened my obsession for understanding humans – people watching is more entertaining to me than most Netflix shows. But this stems from more than idle curiosity, I want to grasp people’s difficulties and imagine solutions for them.

I strive to develop holistic compassionate design solutions, and my first instinct when I problem solve is to draw, to color, to find a way to story-tell what I have in mind. I got an Industrial Design degree in college and have been working as a multi-disciplinarian designer since, because it is consistent with the way I think.

Figuring stuff out as I go and multitasking is how I’ve learned to work. I prefer fast-paced environments, and I strongly believe that collaborative teams create the best solutions.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!