is an AR edutainment children’s book for engaging youth and popular culture on campaigns for Nature's Rights, Ecological Justice, and Conservation.

Their goal is to propel the voices of Nature into pop culture, using hip hop music and cultural references to amplify these stories and make them culturally relevant for urban youth.
Client: Balance Edutainment 

Platform: Mobile & Desktop

3 week sprint

Role(s): Researcher, Strategist, Information Architect, Interaction Designer and Visual Designer
Methods: User Research, Business Analysis, Sketching/Wireframes, Usability Testing and Prototyping

Sketch, Pen and Paper, Invision, Zeplin

Prototype | Full Case Study

November 2017

︎ Introduction to the problem

Since the main source of income for this project is through book sales, our client wanted to make his business more profitable by finding a new monetization system for Pacha.
The feature our client wanted to focus on was giving the users the ability to integrate their own content within the AR experience of the book.
With that in mind, our design team worked on integrating a new feature for the Pacha’s Pajamas app that allows users to send and receive videos from within the app, as well as determine a pricing structure and a registration system for the sender of the video.

︎ Challenges

• Account for each persona and their relationship with technology and AR

• Develop an intuitive user experience that can be initiated online at the time of purchase

• Integrate the video content into the book experience

• Integrate the monetization of the new feature within the already exisiting check-out flow

• Adapt check-out flow to mobile

• Develop a system that optimizes video app coordination between the recipient reader and the gift giver

• Create a video uploading and video receiving experience that is easy for the user


︎ Discover

︎ Ideate & Design

︎ Test & Iterate

︎ Build & Deliver