Golin is a global digital content, marketing and PR firm

︎ I’ve been working with them for a while now, and our team was offered the opportunity to redesign the global website
Client: Golin

Platform: Responsive website

Duration: 2 Months

Role: Researcher, Strategist, Information Architect, UX Designer and Visual Designer

Methods: User Research, Sketching/Wireframes, Usability Testing and Prototyping

Tools: Sketch, Whiteboard, Pen and Paper, Invision

Team: 5 (Interaction Designer, Project Manager, 2 Back-End Developers, UX/UI Designer)


︎ Discover

︎ Ideate & Design

︎ Test & Iterate

︎ Build & Deliver

︎ Pain Points

  • Miscommunications 
about the brand messaging (who we are, what we do, the services we provide)

  • Very short turn around

︎ Goals

  • Create a fresh new website for their relaunch

  • Deliver clear, and concise messaging about the company

  • Increase conversion for the Golin Agency

  • Make the mobile and desktop user experience as seamless as possible

︎ Opportunities

    • Create a responsive, accessible solution

    • Design modular components usable within a wordpress template


    Methods & Tools

    Sketching, Whiteboard, Prioritization Matrix, Site Maps


    • Creating an intuitive sitemap for an easy navigation throughout the website

    • Developing a modular block system without having the final assets and messaging

    • Breaking down all the content on the website to understand what are the chore values and messaging

    • Developing a practical information architecture 

    • Creating adaptable blocks. The goal of this project is to design mutliple wordpress modules that can be implemented for different use cases (a block that can be used for case studies as well as blog articles for example)

    • Being mindful of how each module will stack on mobile