︎ Most challenging insights

From market research

  • Wine consumption in the US has been growing exponentially

  • The market is open and adapting to the increase of online sales for wine enthusiasts

From interviews

• More experienced individuals have a tendency to purchase their wine online with a specific goal in mind, versus less experienced wine consumers prefer to be part of a wine club, or a membership program

• Discovering new wines is difficult for most of the people I interviewed.

• 12 out of 14 people said that if given the opportunity to blind taste they would do it, but they are too intimidated to do it in public

From the business analysis

• In terms of digital strategy, wine E-commerce platforms are often a bit behind in comparison to similar markets, like coffee

• One of the most interesting insights is that Winc buys it’s wine bulk, and does their own branding, while Naked Wine partners with smaller producers and distributes them directly