︎ NextGen Healthcare is an American Computer Software company. The company develops and sells electronic health record (EHR) software and practice management systems to the healthcare industry.

We worked on creating an app to help nurse’s rounds be more  efficient

Akeso is the Greek goddess of healing and curing

Client: Project for NextGen Healthcare


2 week sprint

Researcher, Strategist, Information Architect, Interaction Designer and Visual Designer

User Research, Business Analysis, Sketching/Wireframes, Usability Testing and Prototyping

Sketch, Pen and Paper, Invision



Wireframe Prototype

Full Case Study

︎ Pain Points

  • Miscommunications between staff members causes huge liability issues for the hospital

  • Nurses sometimes find it difficult to follow the patient’s documented regimen prescribed by the doctors

  • Nurse’s inefficiency due to waiting for results, for medicine or equipment to be available, charged, or fixed (scanners, stationary computers etc)

︎ Challenges

  • Make the nurse’s rounds safer and more efficient

  • Make the solution compatible with the existing EHR (Electronic Health Record) database

  • Understand and identify the best ways to organize most important information for the nurse’s rounds

︎ Solutions

  • Create a plugin app that integrates with the existing patient management software

  • Offer a medication verification system for the nurses so that they are assured that they are giving the right medication

  • Make the nurse’s rounds more efficient by notifying them when their patient’s information is ready (X-Rays, lab results, etc) 


︎ Discover

︎ Ideate & Design

︎ Test & Iterate

︎ Build & Deliver


Methods: Market Research, Competitive Analysis, User Interviews, Business Analysis, Personas, Empathy Maps, User Journey, Personas


  • Most softwares have multiple apps used for very specific tasks that integrate within the PMS (Patient Management Software)

  • Results from our interviews reveal that Epic is the most common software used in Hospitals across the US

︎ Full Research Report